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Nesti Dante Soaps & Gifts...
Nesti Dante Soap Lines
From Florence, Italy comes Nesti Dante luxurious handcrafted soaps inspired by the
beautiful region of Florence - made with enchanting perfumes from the hills of Tuscany -
beautifully hand-packaged in elegant Florentine style paper.
These soaps are well-known throughout the world.
Erbario Toscano Home Diffusers...
Erbario Toscano is an Italian brand known worldwide by people who love Tuscany-style
products looking for naturalness and quality in life.
Erbario Toscano offers an exclusive collection
of earthly scents from the region of Tuscany (Italy) captured in beautifully products for the body and
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Monotheme Fragrances...
Monotheme Fragrances created by Mavive of Venice, Italy, active in the perfumery business for 4
generations - is one of Italy's most acclaimed companies in the perfumery and cosmetic sectors.
Granducati Exclusive Imports, Inc. (Florida, USA) is an importer and
distributor of
Italian bath and body products, fragrances, skin care
and luxurious home products. All Imported from Italy.
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Closure Dates: DECEMBER 16 to DECEMBER 26, 2021
Italian Beauty & Care Products
Centellino Wine Aerator...
The Centellino is Italy's Premier One-Dose Wine Glass Aerator
Patented and Lab Certified, the Centellino® is an original 100% hand-blown Italian glass,
top-of-the-bottle wine decanter (aerator) designed to enrich the bouquet and flavor of a single glass of
wine at a time. Hand made in Tuscany, Italy.
World Famous Nesti Dante Soaps from Italy
Prima Spremitura Moisturizing & Nourishing Olive Line...
Farmacia SS Annunziata ARTI MAGGIORI Room Diffusers...
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic Skin Care Line...
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic Skin Care Line, Certified NATRUE
Prima Spremitura BIO Line is at the forefront of certified organic natural cosmetics. The formula contains
the nourishing elements of the Organic "Toscano PGI" Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Prima Spremitura - The First Natural Body Care Line made with 100% Organic Toscano PGI
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
From Florence (Italy) an exclusive beauty line formulated with the highest grade
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany that deeply moisturizes, nurtures and intensively hydrates
the skin.
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LongeVity-C Serum
Powerful Antioxidant that protects the skin
100% Certified Organic
DEC. 16 to DEC. 26, 2021.


DEC 16 - DEC 26, 2021

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