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Granducati Exclusive Imports, Inc.
Exclusive collection of earthy scents from the region of Tuscany captured
in beautifully products for the body and home.
The Scents of Tuscany:
Olive Oil, Rose, Lavender, Citrus & Cinnamon, White Musk, Home
Perfumes, Body Perfumes and more. Made in Tuscany, Italy.
MONOTHEME - Classic Fragrances
Monotheme by Mavive Spa, active in the perfumery business for 4
generations - is one of Italy's most acclaimed companies in the perfumery
and cosmetic sectors. Includes perfumes, skin care and body care lines.
Made in Venice, Italy.
From Florence (Italy) luxurious handcrafted soaps inspired by the
beautiful region of Florence - made with enchanting perfumes from the
hills of Tuscany - beautifully hand-packaged in elegant Florentine style
paper inspired by traditional designs of the Renaissance.
OLIVELLA - 100% Virgin Olive Oil Line
Olivella is a premier line for personal skin care made from 100% Virgin
Olive Oil. Made in Umbria, Italy.
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ROSSI - Perfumed & Decorative Papers
Rossi’s, since 1931, Italian classic decorated and perfumed papers are hallmarks of
their production. The quality of their goods is unsurpassed. All decorated papers are
inspired by traditional Florentine Renaissance designs. Made in Italy.
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We feature luxurious bath & body, skin care and home decor products
from Italy - with a large assortment of body soaps, lotions, fragrances,
candles, diffusers and other premium products.
Listed below a brief description of each of our Italian brands.
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All products Imported from Italy !!

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Italian Beauty & Wellness Villa
Oliva Oil Beauty Line
Oliva Oil is a range of Italian-inspired natural products made from olive oil.
Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, developed for the daily care of your body
and skincare regimen. Made in Italy.
Beautifully designed soap dishes that will dress-up any kitchen or
bathroom sink. Made from one piece of Beech wood. The designs and
sizes will accommodate various shapes of soap bars.  
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CENTELLINO: Wine Aerator / Decanter
Wine Experts' Choice: The Perfect Gift Item for Wine Aficionados !
The Centellino is the latest wine accessory from Italy – an original
hand-blown glass wine aerator and decanter. Made in Italy.
PINO SILVESTRE Pine Gems Essence
A true classical Italian cologne and bath & body line by the famous Pino
Silvestre. Made in Italy.
FELCE AZZURRA by Paglieri, Italy
A complete and original line for the daily care of the body. With simple and
natural elements and the unmistakable fragrance of Felce Azzurra. An Italian
classic since the early 1900's.  Made in Italy.
I COLONIALI - Bath & Body Products
I Coloniali luxurious collection of bath rituals and skincare products from
J&E Atkinsons create a synergy of smell, sight, and touch using exotic
ingredients from Oriental culture. Imported from Italy.  
MILLEFIORI - Home Fragrances & Candles
Millefiori Milano is one of Italy's leading manufacturer of home diffusers,
perfumed candles, catalytic lamps and fragrances for the car.  
products combine Italian design, style and quality.
Perfume Your World and
Decorate it with Style!! Made in Italy.  
CENTOLIO: Olive Oil Decanter
Italy's Premier Decanter for Extra Virgin Olive Oil !
The Centolio Olive Oil decanter, enhances the taste of extra virgin olive oil.
Made in Italy.
Importer & Distributor of Italian Beauty & Care Products
HerbSardinia - Certified Organic
From the majestic and beautiful island of Sardinia (Sardegna), the first
Organic Certified (CCPB) Cosmetic Line inspired by the scents and
fragrances of the native floral and herb varieties of Sardinia. Italy.
ERBE Authentic Italian Skin Care Line
Erbe is a real tribute to the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture.
Erbe is a beauty and wellnes line inspired by the Italian herbalists of the
16th-century, where custom-made blends of medicinal herbs, plants
and other natural ingredients were formulated to heal and enhance
beauty. Today, Erbe continues this tradition by offering an exclusive
natural line for the care and beauty of the skin, body and hair.
Made in Italy.  
New from France: Hyalomiel by Féret
France's Inimitable Hyaline Clear Jelly for the Care of your Hands !
From the House of Féret Parfumeur comes Hyalomiel since 1878.
Hyalomiel is a clear hyaline jelly for the care of your hands with organic
honey from the garrique and with a delicate scent of powdery rose
fragrance. Made in France.